1. What is a “virtual stage play” ? A virtual stage play is the combination of three elements . The elements of a stage play, a virtual world, and cinematography. With TROAE Virtual, we have real actors in an animated virtual world while being delivered in a cinematic movie way. The elements in a virtual stage play are also fruit from the theatrical performance that you get in theater, combined with over the top elements in an animated/virtual world.
  2. How does it work? Purchase a ticket for the most recent upcoming showing, and you will receive an email with the zoom link for the day and time of the upcoming show. The show’s are always on a Sunday, at 7pm so along with the zoom link/ meeting ID, you will receive instructions on being early!
  3. How long is TROAE Virtual? TROAE Virtual will be from 7-9pm EST which will include Q/A & talk back session afterwards. We won’t hold you passed 9:30pm EST!
  4. What if I have technical issues for viewing TROAE Virtual? I doubt that you’ll have technical issues however, technology is a beautiful thing… WHEN IT WORKS! It’s a very simple and easy process. You purchase a ticket for the upcoming show- You receive an email with the link and meeting ID- M A K E S U R E that your zoom display name is identical to the name that you purchased your ticket in so that you can be admitted, (Which are also in the email instructions that you’ll receive) and then you are good to view. If you do find yourself facing technical issues, contact TROAEbiz@gmail.com and/or Kleoschin@gmail.com and we will get everything resolved.